Personal Development

The subject of developing the self personally is one that many people want to know about, yet so few take action it to incorporate it into their lives.

This is unfortunate since it really doesn't take much effort to get started and even the simplest of things learned can make surprisingly big, positive differences in a person's life.

While I don't want to frighten anyone off, it's important to tell it straight before getting into this subject. That's the purpose of this introductory article that is backed up by a collection of more detailed, sub-topic focused articles that are included in this section of the website.

Busting the Myths about Life Laws

There are several ways of describing what is essentially a set of learning processes that, if followed and acted upon correctly, can cause a person's life to take an upturn in fortunes in every area.

Most know it as this article's title, "Personal Development" or "Personal Growth" while others have found the "Law of Attraction" through popular publications such as "The Secret" which was also made into a popular movie.

Many already know of popular life coach authors and presenters like Anthony Robbins or have heard of the radio broadcaster Earl Nightingale who popularized the basic precepts of developing the self through positive thought. Many have read books by a series of popular authors on the subject and are aware that you can have whatever you want if you learn how to attract it to you the right way.

A big problem with all the media interest in this subject is that, like most things that gain popularity, the facts are often glossed over by pop culture promises that give the public what it wants to hear. The book and movie, "The Secret" is one such media success story that started life trying to get the message across to a wide audience but ended up placing too much emphasis on the idea that (to paraphrase)

"If you can see it in your mind, you're going to have it in your life"

and not enough emphasis on the more important facts that you need to take positive action to make anything you want to happen, happen.

The myth that far too many people took away from that movie was they could dream up something like a new car and next day it was going to be delivered to their door. This is of course as much nonsense as detractors of the movie (and the personal growth concept) are keen to tell anyone who will listen.

There is a lot in the saying, "You can't have something for nothing," because to manifest anything into your life, you have to do something to make it happen. Merely dreaming about it in an easy chair will not make anything happen by itself.

Thinking Things into Existence

However, that is not to say that focused thought cannot manifest anything into your life. It most certainly can when done correctly.

Thought is the most powerful power a person possesses and the only thing one possesses that they have absolute control over. The power of thought is in the part it plays in the way a person behaves and lives their life.

Thought influences emotion and emotion influences what we do. The mind has absolute domain over what the body does. In fact, the body can only do what he mind tells it. That's how we live!

So when a person's mind is being used to create positive, creative thought with regard a certain definite purpose or desire repeatedly and persistently, that thought process influences the person's emotions in a positive way. The emotions set up a positive vibration ion the body that attracts to it situations, circumstances and even people that are in the same vibration.

This is the Law of Vibration which is the primary law governing the secondary Law of Attraction.

This also sets up a motivating situation that causes the person to come up with ideas of how they are going to achieve their desires and to take action to create the circumstances that will bring it about.

That's a process that works every time for every person that follows it.

If you don't believe it, remember that it works for negative as well as positive thoughts. I'm sure you can think of a time when you were focusing on something very negative that you did not want to happen in your life and as if by magic, the thing happened.

Whether you believe you caused the very thing you didn't want to happen or not, your own thoughts caused your emotions which set your body up in a vibration that attracted circumstances that were in a like vibration to you. That's how the Law of Vibration works and it's just as real as, for example the Law of Gravity.

Working with the Law

To grow personally in any and all area(s) in your life, you simply need to work with these life laws in a sense of acceptance and agreement. Leave your scepticism behind if you want to improve your life and embrace these concepts and you will benefit greatly.

All you need to do is be prepared to learn to master yourself by first mastering your mind. Every person has the power to control their thoughts but few actually do. When you learn to take control of what your mind is doing, you will by default take control of where your life is heading and it can change for a better way with surprisingly little actual effort on your part once you accept these laws.

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