Attraction is a Law

A big part of learning how to develop as a person is in understanding how the law of attraction works in harmony with nature itself to affect our lives.

Many people are already aware of this powerful law thanks to the exposure provided by the movie "The Secret" but how many really understand it?

Through known aspects of quantum physics, the power of attractive forces in nature were explained in a way that the average person could understand it.

So why didn't everyone suddenly manifest all the amazing things that they wanted right after leaving the movie?

The answer is that we were told what appears very easy to do in simply imagining what we want, but most people were so enamoured by this concept they didn't catch the rest of the explanation where some form of physical action is needed.

Did You Get the Whole Idea?

We were given a real wake up call when The Secret told us how we could get a picture of the thing we wanted in our mind and then manifest it as a physical reality just by thinking it into existence.

Unfortunately, it also explained that it takes action to make it all happen, but because the audience were told what they wanted to hear, few actually picked up on the action part of the deal.

Sure, it sounds truly wonderful to be able to think something into existence, but until we as a race manage to evolve mentally to a stage where this become possible, we have to make do with the mental powers we have right now. That's not to say we are limited by our mental abilities, just in our beliefs of what is possible and what is not.

To make it a little clearer, you are probably already aware that you are quite capable of coming up with all the reasons why something cannot be done. We are experts at finding all the excuses to rationalize why we can't do something.

But few have discovered that it is exactly that limited way of thinking that is holding most people back in all areas of life.

Why Can You Do It?

If you take a look at all the people that are successful at whatever it is they have become successful at and you'll see that their mode of thinking was focused on finding a way how they CAN do it.

Successful people don't look at how things cannot be done,. They get that picture in their minds of what they definitely want and then go after it believing they can get it.

They probably had no idea how they were going to do what they wanted to do at the outset, but that didn't matter. All they needed to do was focus on achieving their goal and then doing whatever it took to make it happen.

This is positive thinking and when you match that up with how we understand the law of Attraction, it is pretty obvious that they attracted situations and circumstances into their lives that made it possible to succeed. That's because like energy attracts like energy and we can see this for ourselves in every aspect of life.

The Worst Kept Secret

This amazing secret is probably one of the worst kept in the history of humankind, because the evidence that supports it is all around us. Everywhere we look, we can see how nature deals with the job of keeping life propagating on this planet and it's all done according to strict laws. Nothing in nature is left to chance.

A seed finds its way into the soil where it operates in a vibration that indicates its instinctive desire to grow. That's a vibratory frequency that is the energy that makes up the physical seed.

Everything is energy and energy vibrates at all kinds of different frequencies. When separate instances of energy are vibrating at the same frequency, they are attracted to each other. If they were vibrating at different frequencies, they simply would not be att5racted to each other.

So the seed vibrates at the same frequency as the moisture and nutrients in the soil that it needs to attract to it in order to grow. Nature sees to this by its own laws and the seed is nourished and watered and it grows.

Who Do You Hang Out With?

Let's get closer to home. We all know the saying, "Birds of a feather flock together." That means people of similar interests will tend to gravitate toward each other. Look at your close friends and you will realize they all have something that is in common with you and with each other.

It may not always be obvious, but it will be there. You perhaps all like the same kind of music, or the same type of movies. Maybe you all have a sport in common or you like hanging out in a certain place more than others. There will be a link somewhere that you'll figure out once you start looking for it.

That's attraction working to bring like minded people together while keeping you away from the kind of people you are not in harmony with. It's never a conscious decision on your part but the decision to befriend a person happens via a collection of less obvious triggers.

It's very common to visit a tennis club and see a group of people that all like tennis. Visit a golf course and it will be full of people that like golf. You might say that it's obvious, but that doesn't happen by chance, it is decreed by law, whether you know it or not.

Learning More about the Law of Attraction

You can get much deeper into the way this incredible law works by studying it in greater depth. There are many ways to do that, but it is always a good idea to choose a coach or teacher that is already an expert in the field.

You can even train to become a qualified practitioner by getting yourself on a course that offers law of attraction coach training by one of the verifiable experts such as Dr Joe Vitale, who was featured on The Secret. Follow that link at for more details.

Finally, the best way of becoming in harmony with this law is by trying it and using it for yourself. It will take some measure of mental discipline in teaching your mind to think predominantly positive thoughts, but with lots of practice you will, over time begin achieving things you previously only ever saw in other people that you looked up to and admired.