About Us

Welcome to Mental Imagery Joins Core Fitness where I explore the fascinating inner world of the mind and how it interacts with the physical body to provide us with life and experiences.

If you ever wondered about what your mind is busy doing while you're not thinking about it, or how your body manages to keep going even when you're mentally engaged and submerged in something totally different like a computer game, then this website may just offer something interesting for you.

It has been created to discuss and ponder the many facets of the mind and to theorize as to how much power is really available to every living person and how much of that power we actually use.

It's interesting when you think abou that, isn't it?

Not a Science Resource

I should be clear that this is NOT a science resource nor does it contain high-level philosophical reference material.

The purpose is for the lay person to join this lay person in researching, learning about and getting to grips with the amazing gifts we, as human beings have been given from birth. We are all capable of learning anything we choose and it doesn't need us to sit university exams or gain a PhD in anything to discover this information and be able to understand it for ourselves.

In other words, you don't need to be an expert, university lecturer or mental genius to still learn and appreciate just how special and endowed with incredinle intelligence we are!