Structure Your Life for Success

We all want success in whatever we set out to do. It's the driving force behind our every endeavor. But the harsh reality for most of us is that while we may dream about it, long for it and hope to get it, we often fail to achieve it for one reason or another.

It's not that we aren't trying. Some of us try so hard and still don't succeed. But there is often a vital ingredient missing from our strategy that can make all the difference. You can read about in Crystal Paine's e-book, entitled "21 Days to a More Disciplined Life" which explains the power behind the development of structure, discipline and persistence in life for attaining success. Let's look at these character traits to see why they are so important.


structureMany people go through their lives with no real purpose. They simply allow life to dictate what they are to be, to do and how they will live. They will go through school learning what they are taught but have no real idea what they want to do when they leave.

So they often end up going to work at the first job that presents itself to them. They will either remain in that job if it keeps them in their comfort zone, or it may be more temporary and end up drifting from job to job, never really finding their true calling in life.

In the minority are those that have a definite plan already in mind and leave school to seek out their chosen vocation in life. They apply a structured approach and almost always get what they have planned to get. This happens because they employ a methodical strategy for attaining the kind of life they envisioned.


However, applying a well thought out structure to your approach is not going to yield the best results unless you have the ability to infuse personal discipline to that approach. It means understanding that attraction is a law and by making certain sacrifices to get what you are aiming for.

But making sacrifices doesn't necessarily mean going without the things in life that people enjoy. This is an interpretation of the word's import that is not correct.

Sacrifice is best interpreted as giving up something of a lower value in order to gain something of a higher value. Just like in a game of chess, a player sacrifices a pawn to take their opponent's bishop. That means you actually get something better by giving up something that is of low value to you.

Operating on this level takes personal discipline to achieve, because you must have that strength of will and determination to see it through. If you don't, the opportunity to gain the better thing may slip through your fingers.


Lastly, we need to apply persistence to our undertakings if we want to see it manifest in the way we envisaged. Persistence is the gelling factor that binds the process together to create an unstoppable force for success.

When you create your plan for a definite goal that you earnestly desire to achieve, then use a structured approach to put that plan into action, execute it with discipline and then persist until you realize its achievement, you will have discovered the secret of success.

You only have to observe the lives of the world's most successful people to see for yourself exactly how they achieved their success, whatever they chose to succeed in. Success isn't generated by luck, or by being given a lucky break. It is achieved through the persistent application of a disciplined, structured plan that virtually guarantees success in any undertaking.