Fitium Diet and Fitness Program

Something that overweight people notice is the appearance of a new, exciting diet and fitness program.

Fitium burst onto the scene a few years ago and is already helping many people to slim down and shape up with their own particular brand of personalized dieting and exercise strategies.

FitiumAnyone who really wants to help themselves lose weight and tone up their bodies for a better figure and healthier physical aspect can benefit from this program (more details can be found here: Fitium Reviews).

So this article takes a look at what it can do for people and how it compares with what's already available.

What is Fitium?

This is a complete diet, nutrition, fitness and exercise based membership program that is aimed at the personal level.

It does away with the "one size fits all" logic of so many weight loss programs and delves into the reasons a person attracted their overweight and unhealthy physical appearance in the first place. It then uses that information to tailor a personal strategy around dealing with the root cause of the problem.

The idea with this program is that once the cause of a problem has been identified, it can be eliminated and the person freed to work on improving their health, fitness and body size and shape. It's a fascinat9ing concept and one that so far seems to be working very well for the people that have enrolled.

Signing Up

Becoming a member of this program is easy and very affordable. It is simply a case of visiting their official website, answering a series of questions that will later be used to personalize your plan, then completing the sign up form and paying.

Costs are low when compared to similar programs such as Weight Watchers and can be paid in annual, bi-annual or monthly payments to spread the cost. There are discounts for paying the longer term membership fees, although the current monthly fee is under $20 (at the time of publishing this article, Dec 2012).

What It Entails

The program is based around a personalized dieting strategy to help you overcome the reasons why you overeat or eat badly and set you on the path to a more healthy eating routine that is varied, healthy and above all, enjoyable. It's a strategy that you can take with you for the long haul so you never need gain weight ever again as long as you stick with the concept.

To boost the effectiveness of the meal plans, exercise is encouraged and there are plenty of great workout videos available in the member's area that you can watch at home. You can do as much or as little as you are able, although you will get more benefit from the system if you push yourself to do as much as possible.

There are expert nutritionists and fitness coaches available to answer your questions and to help you to get the most from the program. There is also a peer support group via the website and support from the program experts themselves.

How it Compares

There are several weight loss and fitness programs available with the most popular being Weight Watchers, Dukan Diet, South Beach Diet, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Medifast etc.

With the exception of Weight Watchers, the majority of diet programs focus on a set dieting concept particular to each. They do little to personalize the plans for getting to the root cause of why a person becomes overweight to begin with.

Fitium is different, as it focuses its individualized plan on targeting the cause and eliminating it. Thereby freeing the person to reduce their body size and become healthy.

It's a plan that is definitely worth giving a shot and staying with once you are happy with the way it works.