A Convenient Diet Solution

It is natural of human nature to gravitate towards those things in life that are simple, hassle free and provide a high level of convenience.

There is nothing wrong with this as it is a logical way to be when you consider that we are striving ever for a better way of life.

And better usually equates with convenient, easy and trouble-free.

So when people look for weight loss diet solutions, it is equally as natural to be attracted to the most convenient, time saving and simple means of achieving their goals.

convenient diet foodThe diet industry was quick to recognize this trait in people in general and adapted it to methods of dieting that represent the least amount of work for the dieter while also providing a high level of convenience, time saving and simplicity.

The diet food delivery diets have been in existence for a number of years, pre-dating the emergence of the Internet as a global information and commerce medium.

The original form of this kind of diet service appeared in the 1970s via mail order and one company took this idea and made it into one of the biggest diet programs where the food is delivered to the customer's home currently available. That company is Nutrisystem. Other diet meal delivery firms have also sprung up such as Jenny Craig and Medifast and each has its place in the grand scheme of the convenience dieting world.

How Easy is Easy?

Just exactly how easy are these diets and what does the dieter have to do in order to make them work?

Well, that can simple be answered by the fact that they are indeed easy to follow because the dieter has almost nothing to do except to find someplace to store the food when it arrives and them to make sure they eat the meals at the right times of the day and not to cheat.

There is no need to prepare any food, measure any portions, weigh any ingredients or count any calories. In fact, the dieter doesn't even need to visit the store to buy any food if they don't want to! This is why Nutrisystem works and why it really is just about the easiest way of losing weight that has ever been devised.

The company does all the work that used to take up much of the dieter's free time with conventional diets, such as preparing the meals, ensuring that they are nutritionally balanced and low enough in calories so that when combined in all the meals of the day, the daily prescribed calorie count needed to bring about a reduction in body weight is not exceeded.

Can Food be Added to These Diet Meals?

home delivered diet added foodOne of the main complaints about diet meal delivery diets is that the meals are too small. This usually comes from people who had become overweight because the meals they habitually ate every day are too large. It's not so easy to change eating habits and reduce the size of each meal, which is why many people don't succeed with their diets. This is probably the one area where the dieter has to provide some input to their own weight loss program by disciplining themselves to eat less at each sitting.

It is true that Nutrisystem in particular do recommend that certain foods can be added to their main meals in the form of certain vegetables chosen because they will not appreciably increase the calorie count of the meals, as well as some low fat protein sources. However, these are recommendations and NOT obligatory!

It is far better to work with the diets are they come out of the box with no additions to ensure compliance with each day's calorie count. That said, it can do little harm to add some green vegetables that contain almost no additional calories but DO contain additional nutrients and dietary fiber that can only be beneficial.

In the long run, anyone who is serious about losing weight ought to make themselves a promise that once they have reached their target and lost all the weight they intended to lose that they then stick to a sensible eating regime after the diet has ended. This is to insure they will not gain weight and thereby maintain a healthy body weight in the long term.

After all, the whole point of going through a diet program is to lose weight and to wreck it by going straight back to old eating habits once the diet is over is not the most sensible thing to do!

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